I’m delighted to have Nyna Caputi, Founder of The Expat Woman and Digital Event Academy as a guest on this podcast. Hear Nyna’s inspiring story of purpose and how she used it to build an amazing network, and create engaging in-person and now digital events.

Nyna imagined a world in which she would bring together a network of women, that are also experiencing this country for the first time. This network became The Expat Woman. Nyna is also the creator of The Digital Event Academy, Start Yours Bootcamp, Empowered Women’s Leadership Conference, Survive and Thrive Abroad Summit and All-Women Hackathon. We had a great discussion, check below for some highlights.


Episode Highlights

  • Learn about Nyna and how she found her voice, her courage, and a new country.
  • Discover how passion can fuel your dreams.
  • Uncover how Nyna got out of her comfort zone to pursue her vision.
  • Learn how Nyna got the courage to be the face of her brand
  • Listen in on how Nyna has been able to look at social media platforms in a refreshing new way.

Links and Resources

Nyna Caputi website
Get Nyna’s 4 Key Tips to Host Wildly Successful Digital Events Guide + Workbook
Digital Events Dreamers and Doers
Planners on Purpose website
Perfection is Defection by Joseph Norie

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