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S2E16 – Perfectionism: Digging Deeper

In this episode, we will be digging deeper into the concept of perfectionism. Many times we struggle with perfectionism and don't even know it. Additionally, many of our client suffer from it as well. If you struggle with being perfect all the time, or have suffered...

Introducing…Planners On Purpose!

You may have already guessed that there is a little bit of change going on around here. And if you have, you've guessed right.The former website of Planitonapostit has leveled up and is now Planners on Purpose. This has taken some time to finally happen, and I'm very...

S2E15 – Dropping Perfectionism in Pursuit of Progress

Do you struggle with being perfect? So much so that you failed to make progress? Perfectionism can be very destructive if we let it, so this episode is just what you need to get it in check.   About Perfection Trying to live up to the aspect of being perfect,...

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